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Panels 2023

Soccer Players


The African Sports Industry panel will bring together experts and stakeholders to discuss various aspects of the sports industry in Africa. The panel will showcase African sports initiatives and projects and highlight the socio-economic advantages of the industry. Additionally, they will discuss collaboration between African countries for sports-related success and explore opportunities to attract investors. The conference will also focus on investing in education as a means to develop the sports industry in Africa further. Overall, the conference aims to provide insights into the potential of the African sports industry and encourage partnerships to drive its growth.




The Music, Entertainment & Fashion Industries panel will focus on the potential of African creative industries and how to leverage global interest in them. The panel will discuss building structures to promote African arts and exploring Venture Capital funding for sustainable competitive advantage. They will also explore opportunities to broaden professional opportunities through fine arts education and improve artist monetization through NFTs. The conference aims to provide insights into the African creative industries and encourage partnerships to drive their growth while ensuring sustainable practices that benefit all stakeholders.

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