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Martin Webber is co-owner of J.E. Austin Associates (JAA), a Washington DC-based consultancy that catalyzes economic growth in developing and emerging economies through responsible and competitive business performance.  He is a leading expert in fostering entrepreneurship ecosystems, business and sector strategy, competitiveness, improved policy environments and agribusiness.

Mr. Webber lived for 7 years in Africa (Senegal and Kenya) and has worked in more than 75 countries worldwide, including 28 African countries, leading insightful analysis, program design and implementation. He has supervised and implemented hundreds of assignments, ensuring transfer of skills and knowledge, impactful deliverables, and close communication with clients. 

Martin has advised National Competitiveness Initiatives in 12 countries. He has served as strategy consultant and technical advisor to more than 35 industry clusters and 50 value chain initiatives.  He has developed many analytical tools and implementation approaches that are now widely used by practitioners and advisors. His current assignments include building the competitiveness of the five industry sectors in Ukraine, re-establishing market linkages in eastern Congo through the bean, soy and coffee value chains, encouraging investment in Nigerian agriculture through improved Federal and State-level policies, developing entrepreneurship ecosystems in Vietnam, and developing a global guide for developing ecosystems.

Martin is a frequent lecturer and speaker.  He is co-author of two widely-used books - the FAO Sourcebook, “Territorial Tools for Agro-industry Development”, and the World Bank’s Guide to Value Chain Concepts and Applications – Building Competitiveness in Africa’s Agriculture.  

Mr. Webber is from Montreal, where he maintains strong ties.  He lived for extended periods in both West and East Africa.  He graduated from McGill University’s Faculty of Management (Bachelor of Commerce) and earned an MBA from the Harvard Business School. He was co-awarded the “Making a Difference Award” from the alumni of Harvard Business School.  He is a member of the Desautels Global Experts program of McGill’s Faculty of Management and the Advisory Board of McGill’s Institute for Food Security.  He is frequently a guest speaker in classes, mentor to McGill students, and participant in topical panels.

Martin’s company believes that good strategy, market linkage, well-selected entry points and empowered implementation by stakeholders can jump start a virtuous circle of investment, market success and competitiveness.  This success benefits millions of people.  Through almost 700 assignments in more than 125 countries, J.E. Austin’s mission has always been to help populations to increase their wealth and well-being through productive, responsible business activity.  JAA’s ability to translate concept into practical, new approaches and implementation has continually provided economic leadership, stakeholders and practitioners worldwide with effective tools to promote economic growth.

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