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panelists | 2020





The agriculture market in Africa, despite its projected growth to $1 trillion by 2030, has room for substantive improvement. Sustainable Agribusiness on the continent has enormous potential not only to eliminate hunger and food insecurity but also to make Africa a leading player in global food markets.


This highly promising panel will explore key debates surrounding issues of financing and investment, technological capacity building, farmer productivity, infrastructure, land ownership and the crucial role of women in African agriculture. Panelists will draw insights from their own expertise as business people, agriculture and food security experts and consultants to shed light on avenues through which the continents hard working  farmers, entrepreneurs and agribusinesses can lever new opportunities and innovations to realize Africa’s full agricultural potential.”

Dr. Abdirahman Dualeh Beileh


Minister of Finance of the Federal Republic of Somalia


Okenna Obi-Njoku


PhD Candidate at McGill University


Mfon Ngozi Essien


PHD Candidate at McGill University

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Ahmat Tchanaye Hassan


Entrepreneur, Fondateur de la Coopérative Agro-Pastorale la Renaissance Alimentaire « CAPRA » au Tchad


Building Inclusive

Green Economies in Africa:

Prospects, Opportunities,

and Challenges

No continent will be struck as severely by the impacts of climate change as Africa. Ninety percent of African countries have ratified the Paris Agreement. African countries are among the global front runners leading the transition toward greener and more inclusive economies which is expected to generate sustainable economic growth, jobs and social benefits, as well as protect its vital natural resources.


What are some current domestic initiatives pursued in the context of African countries taking a lead on climate change and are they effective? What role can countries and companies in developed countries play in working alongside African countries to adapt to the new realities of climate change? Climate Justice underlines how the countries that are historically the most responsible for climate change should take on more of the burden of mitigation. Does this also imply that underdeveloped countries should be free to pollute in order to develop?


This thought-provoking conversation is meant to reconcile tensions between development & environmental degradation, vulnerability & responsibility.

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Dr. Kasirim Nwue

President of InSTIS & Former Chief, Green Economy, Technology, Innovation and Science at UNECA


Prisca Agneroh


CFA, Associate at FinDev Canada

Hawa Keita


Executive Director of CEED


Africa’s Creative Industry:

The Awakening of a Giant

African culture, creations and arts have for centuries been exported to the rest of the world without always receiving the recognition deserved. Global interests in African creative content has increased substantially in recent years, from the popularity of “Afro-beats” to sold-out African prints and high grossing Nollywood movies. In recent years, the emergence of a “creative economy” has become a leading component of economic growth, employment, trade and innovation, promoting sustainable development in a globalizing world


How can Africa succeed in leveraging culture and creativity for sustainable development? What do African creatives have to do to succeed in the industry and how do we avoid “talent drain”? Can Africa’s creative economy trigger a value chain

between artists, entrepreneurs, distributors and support services across multiple sectors to provide modern jobs?


This special panel will explore recent trends in the development of an African creative Economy,  how “made in Africa” cultural and creative products can become a major force for development by Africans –  for Africans and the world and how brilliant African creatives are changing the dominant narrative about Africa through their craft  ”


Jeremiah Olayinka Ojo


Founder and Managing Director of Creative Milieu, LLC


Moses Mutabaruka


Founder and CEO of  The African Perspective (TAP) Magazine

Maya Amoah


Founder and CEO of BATIK BOUTIK


debate panel

this house believes a "united states of africa" must be founded.



Bior L. Ajak


Researcher at Building21,

McGill University Graduate

Iyanu Soyege


Co-President of the African Studies Students Association of McGill University


IN favour of THE MOTION


Prof. Arthur G.O. Mutambara


Former Deputy Prime Minister of Zimbabwe

Heldden Byumvuhore


Immigration Counselor, Social Activist & Political Commentator

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