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Throughout his career as an educator and venture capitalist, Dr. Jim de Wilde has focused on the issues of global competitiveness and the commercialization of knowledge through activities in both the private sector and the public sector.  


Since the early 1990's, Dr. de Wilde has also been involved in venture capital activities as President of JdW Strategic Ventures.   In these venture capital activities, Dr. de Wilde currently serves on  the Advisory Board of Enertech Capital (Philadelphia).  He was on the Investment Committee of Inovia Capital (Montreal),  TandemLaunch Technologies (Montreal) and Walsingham Partners  (now First Ascent Capital in Toronto).  

He has a PhD in political science from McGill with a dissertation focusing on the Canadian public policy process and competitiveness in technology sectors.  He is currently looking at sustainability investments and the emerging media/creative economy for venture capital activity.  


His website is  and he can be followed on Twitter at  


He lectures at Rotman where he is Executive in Residence and teaches courses on Venture Capital strategies (MBA) and Global Capital Markets and New Trends in International Political Economy (BComm).  Previously, he has been on the Faculty of the Ivey Business School (Western University) and McGill Faculty of Management.  Some of the course materials for the BComm course at Rotman can be accessed on Twitter under the hashtag  #GCMIPE.

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