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Ade Akin-Aina

Bilingual Global Talent Acquisition leader recognized on the Financial Times Top 100 Black and minority ethnic leaders in technology with experience building teams in Canada (Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Halifax etc.), US (New York & Silicon Valley), UK, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, India, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Uganda, South Africa and beyond. There are far too many incredible companies transforming lives through technology. With that in mind, she is always on a journey that allows her to build teams for organizations globally that inspire her.


She has a diverse background that allows her to leverage the skills she’s gained at both large corporate environments and smaller agile start-ups to grow multiple teams: customer experience & strategy, business development, marketing, and tech-related functions. She is an Internet search 'ninja'​, she loves the hunt and loves using Boolean search techniques and leveraging technology in particular, using social media to help fast-growing companies build and define their Employer Brand and recruit top-tier diverse talent in multiple geographies.


By day, she leads Talent Acquisition at Wave Mobile Money. Her mission is to make Africa the first cashless continent and we're well on our way. She also works with The Growth Works enabling startups in Europe and she leads The Africa Talent Project which is an opportunity for her to partner with great companies in sub-Saharan Africa looking for C-level and managerial talent to help propel their businesses to success. Her clients include tech startups of varying sizes in East and West Africa and a global consulting firm looking to build out a specific function in Africa.

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