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Mr. Kweku Amoako

Kweku is a business growth and technology operations strategist with expertise in culture marketing and branding. Before becoming an entrepreneur in 2010, He worked on various innovative projects in healthcare, telecommunication and hospitality industries as a management consultant including building a prototype for electronic health records for HHS, USA and leading the implementation of various CRM, ERP and business intelligence solutions for fortune 500 companies. 


Kweku is now the founder and CEO of Afropolitan Cities – A talent and culture marketing agency and premiere event production company with expertise in trendsetting Afro-caribbean culture through unique cultural & travel experiences across metropolitan cities. The company seeks to unleash opportunities in the global market place for African culture and talent through an online Diaspora market place that makes African talent and culture accessible to talent buyers curators and corporate brands. Afropolitan Cities also forms partnerships and develops culture marketing strategies and campaigns for corporate brands seeking to engage with the African African Diaspora. 



Afropolitan Cities was created as a result of Kweku's conviction that the enormous human and social capital wealth in the Diaspora cannot be harnessed for socio-economic development in the Diaspora and in Africa unless the cultural divide in the Diaspora is addressed. Hence in 2010, Kweku walked away from a thriving business consulting career to pursue avenues to galvanize and unite Diaspora communities through music and culture. He relaunched his career as a DJ and within two years became a cultural icon and one of the most sought after DJs in the USA. Within the same time frame, he also launched Afropolitan Cities & DrumPulse Entertainment. Since its inception in 2013, the Afropolitan Cities has grown the largest Diaspora network of over 100K professionals and serves over 2500 Diaspora businesses.

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